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PC-XMThe Milky Way by flag Jerry (Stig Rune Frydenlund)
Requested By: djrandom

Time Left: 2:07

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Request History

Song Artist Song Length Request Time Play Time Requested By
AMIGA-MODLithium flag DeLorean (Sakari Hannula) 7:31 11:53 11:53 djrandom
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Changeability flag MmcM (Sergey Kosov) 4:13 11:49 11:49 djrandom
PC-ITFlowers in the Abyss flag Basehead (Dan Gardopée) , flag Hunz (Johannes Van Vliet) 7:45 11:37 11:41 flagRapture
PC-XMLaugh flag Hunz (Johannes Van Vliet) 4:01 11:36 11:36 djrandom
PC (other)8-bit Märchenland (C=64) flag Welle: Erdball 3:20 11:33 11:33 djrandom
AMIGA-MODOver the Fields flag Lizardking (Gustaf Grefberg) 1:41 11:31 11:31 djrandom
PC-XMThe Lochaber flag Warhawk (Jonatan Borling) 2:30 11:28 11:28 djrandom
PC-S3MNo Beatz Required flag Jase (Jason L. Chong) 1:18 11:27 11:27 djrandom
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)The Brexecutable Music Compo Is Over Have video flag Gasman (Matt Westcott) 1:21 11:25 11:25 djrandom
NESFor the Meek User SLiVeR (Mike O'Brien) 2:12 11:23 11:23 djrandom
AMIGA-MOD00Enjoy flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) 0:51 11:22 11:22 djrandom
PC-S3MGlow Bug flag Basehead (Dan Gardopée) 6:34 11:01 11:15 flagRapture
PC-S3MGotham nights flag Basehead (Dan Gardopée) 3:06 10:58 11:12 flagRapture
PC-S3MForever Have video flag Basehead (Dan Gardopée) 6:57 10:55 11:05 flagRapture
PC-ITDigital Ritual flag Basehead (Dan Gardopée) , flag Hunz (Johannes Van Vliet) 3:50 10:55 11:01 flagRapture
PC-S3MLast Request flag Basehead (Dan Gardopée) , flag C.C. Catch (Kenny Chow) 5:56 10:50 10:55 flagRapture
PC-XMThe Sorceror's Tale flag Gopher (UK) (Kevin Chow) 5:00 10:50 10:50 djrandom
PC-S3MSearch for the Lost Riff flag Basehead (Dan Gardopée) , flag Necros (Andrew Sega) 4:19 10:42 10:45 flagRapture
SID (6581/8580)On The Road Again flag Linus (Sascha Zeidler) 3:27 10:42 10:42 djrandom
AMIGA-MODGold to Go (Amiga memories) flag 4-mat (Matthew Simmonds) 3:19 10:38 10:38 djrandom

Recent Song Comments

Song Comment Posted By When
PC-ITFlowers in the Abyss

This tune is so exciting but also relaxing... Very much Amiga feelings. it's also connected for me with the first meet I had with a white tame domesticated goose in January 2012 in a wildlife park. Goose adventures in the snow!

flagRapture 13 minutes ago

Great splendid nice work!
Seriously awesome tuna

flagHappyDude 8 hours, 36 minutes ago

I'd ride this elevator all day and night...

flagHappyDude 8 hours, 59 minutes ago

Simply amazing! Instantly back to the early 90s

flagHappyDude 9 hours ago
PC-ReasonAlumina [tg04 edit]

Nectas only like game music and hyperbase

flagnyingen 14 hours, 37 minutes ago
AMIGA-customAfternoon Fuckdown Have video

Great title

flagnyingen 14 hours, 38 minutes ago
PC (other)You Never Will Get Out of There Alive

The lyrics are quite reminiscent of "Billericay Dickie" by Ian Dury: "I bought a lot of brandy / When I was courting Sandy / Took eight to make her randy / And all I had was shandy..."

flagmirrorbird 1 day, 2 hours ago
PC-XMFeliz Navidad

Is it supposed to sound like this?

flagpipe 1 day, 4 hours ago
PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Elusive Groove


flagStinsen 1 day, 11 hours ago

Probably the most famous chiptune ever? Well, if you're a software pirate that is.

flagMagikGimp 1 day, 22 hours ago
AMIGA-MODChant Have video

this sounds like zelda ocarina of time ... oh, elrinth was faster

flagRapture 2 days, 11 hours ago
PC (other)Pollen


flagarrakis 2 days, 17 hours ago
PC (other)Plateau

Again a great work

flagarrakis 2 days, 17 hours ago
PC (other)Pornographic Have video

Oh, that's where that jingle sound is from :-D

flagplaton42 2 days, 19 hours ago
AMIGA-MODMario, sometimes

Needs re-encoding badly. This is just a mish-mash of artificial reverb that kills it.

flagplaton42 2 days, 19 hours ago
SID (6581/8580)Poison

Remix of Ghosts'n Goblins?

flagRapture 2 days, 23 hours ago
PC-ReasonAlumina [tg04 edit]

4avg... necta listeners (demosceners in general?) are not so much into Trance ?

flagRapture 2 days, 23 hours ago
Depot - A New Ting

Still wondering what "Depot - A New T(h)ing" means... what is the story behind this?

flagRapture 2 days, 23 hours ago

Demo Maker rules!

flagRapture 2 days, 23 hours ago
SID (6581/8580)Resolution (extended version)

-> adds to favourites

flagfaraday 3 days, 16 hours ago