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PSG AY-3-891x/YM2149 (CPC, ST, ZX)Mad Men Have video by flag MmcM (Sergey Kosov)
Requested By: flagbeavis77
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Song Information

PC-XMSuburban Gangsta Explicit content

Author: flag Scirocco (Ian Graves Lymann)

Uploaded By: flagOldchap

Song Length: 3:29
Release Year: 1996
Song Status: Active
Song Platform: PlatformPC-XM

Additional Information:

- ...???...
- Yo, word up, bitch, here we go

Check, check, check it out, y'all [repeated]

Rollin' in my six-four down to the liquor store
Packin' my nine, I'm feelin' oh so fine
Alpines pumpin' and my sub is thumpin'
My homies and I feelin' [bust-ass?] super-fly
Stroll up to the front, we get outta my ride
Whip out da heat and bust on inside
Stroll up to the counter, I demand the cash
Or I'll fuckin' pop a cap in your ass

Oh, suburban gangsta
Yo, it's a good thing Daddy's fuckin' rich
Oh, suburban gangsta
Yo, I hope he doesn't take away my BMW when he's gotta post bail again this time

He gives me the shit, I prepare to blow
But now [without? we've got?] a couple forties to go
We head back out to make our escape
Only to find that we're fucked up ...???
We hear the pigs yell to get our hands high
Just when I think I'm about to die
I drop to the ground, whip out my Glock
I take a bead on the nearest big cop
I pull the trigger and drop his ass flat
I thank God that my clip is phat
I raise my piece lookin' for more action
That's the only way I get satisfaction

Oh, suburban gangsta
Mommy, mommy, I've been bad!
Oh, suburban gangsta
- I can't spend the night in jail: somebody might do something.
- Yo, you mean fuck you up the ass like a fuckin' bitch?

Yo, it's a good thing Daddy's fuckin' rich
Yo, I hope he doesn't take away my BMW when he's gotta post bail again this time

Oh, suburban gangsta
Awwww, shyeah!
Oh, suburban gangsta
Awwww, shyeah!

Rollin' in my six-four...

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