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PC (other)Traveler by flag Nightbeat (Carl Larsson)
Requested By: flagMMX

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Song Information

WildUnsatisfactory Pippin Have video

Author: flag Gasman (Matt Westcott)

Uploaded By: flagplaton42

Song Length: 3:23
Release Year: 2020
Song Status: Active
Song Bitrate: 192 kbps
Song Source: Remix
Song Platform: PlatformWild

Additional Information:

1st in Wildcompo at FieldFx 2020.

Parody remix of Masayoshi Minoshima's arrangement of Bad Apple!! Stage 3 music from the game Lotus Land Story (Yamaha OPN).

Cut an apple core and it turns into a woman
Then she waves her arms, tells you off for dropping litter
Now she's got some flappy wings, is it Batman, maybe
But she's got a cup of tea, oh my gosh, she's dropped it
Suddenly the shard's a flamenco dancer
Saying "come and have a go!" but look out, she's got a dagger
And she nearly had that poor woman's eye out
All she really wanted was to show off her Christmas lanterns
Wave a massive sword at a tadpole in the sky
But it swims out of the way; well, in that case never mind
And there's suddenly a tree, and a woman with a fan
And she flaps it up and down at a petal in the air
But it's actually a boat, and the woman in the boat
Has a bloody massive scythe, the Grim Reaper in a dress
Now it cuts the screen in half; aren't those earrings really big?
Look at me, I've got a sword; now I'll point it over there
And this girl is so depressed that she set her wrists on fire
And is going to set fire to the ribbon in her hair
But at least we're nice and warm, and I think this girl agrees
But I don't know why they're dressed as a pot plant and a bull
There's a funny glowing ball, and I wonder what it is
Doesn't want to shake my hand? Well, I'm so offended now
And this girl is sulking too, but she's having second thoughts
And she wishes that she'd gone to the party on the sun
Look at all the leaves; sweep them up, now; wait a minute
Maybe if I smoke this one it'll make me dizzy
And I'm dancing like a dad in the disco
And a tiny wizard's come to pose, like on Charlie's Angels
Unconvincing guy is a girl's umbrella
Would you like to see a trick, just like David bloody Copperfield
Is it my turn now? Have to spin round quickly
Gonna skip right past the next girl 'cause she's too boring
Badly-fitting wings, write a letter of complaint
But the pen runs out of ink, so she throws it like a dart
And a Viking takes a drink from a sort of violin
But some bugger drank the rest, and there's hardly any left
And the droplet is a girl with a creepy little doll
But she's got ADHD, and forgot to take her pills
Now the doll has got away, and she's running for a bus
But she trips over a shoelace and falls into the sea
And it's really windy now; this umbrella's going to break
But it's really not the wind; there's a magnet over there
The Grim Reaper's back again, but this time she's got a hat
And if you don't think it suits, then she'll chop off both your legs
Something's dripping off the scythe, and it makes a massive splosh
And it's woken up a girl who was sleeping in the pond
Someone in a witch's hat who is hanging like a bat
Reaches over to the pond girl and makes a swirly dot

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Unsatisfactory Pippin
Unsatisfactory Pippin

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symptomless coma

The otherwise senseless lyrics are describing what might be happening in the famous "Bad Apple" animation.


Seriously, why ???


yeah, nah

[Yes Info Line]


I like scene music. How 'bout you?

Five out of five!! This is brilliant!!

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