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One Little Rose by flag Scorpik (Adam Skorupa)
Requested By: flagplaton42
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flag Affenberg
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Member Since: January 7, 2017
4 Uploads, 2169 Votes, Spoken 13152 Times.
Last Login: March 19, 2023
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nyingen's Ultimate Song: AMIGA-MODPhysical Presence Have video by flag Jogeir (Jogeir Liljedahl) l Locked

Public information

Hi! I'm one of the Necta admins. If you need to reach me, sending a PM here or on Discord, or email (nyingen at is the best option. I do monitor the oneliner as much as I can, but I usually listen to Necta on a portable speaker, so even if I am making some reqs here and there, I may not actually be at the computer. So please be patient. Also, I do not do anything Necta-related on my phone, nor use Discord on it.

I check the forums several times a day, so please post there if you have an issue that others might be interested in as well.

There is a Nectarine channel on Discord, and admins monitor it for site-related issues. To join the Discord channel, use this link:

There is also a Nectarine channel on, at I can also be contacted personally on as Matrix is a decentralised, completely secure messaging system, unlike Discord, which stores and data-mines your "private" conversations.

A little bit about me:

Despite my profile saying that I joined in 2017, I have been listening to Necta since 2003, during the Yes era. After the hacks, I ended up taking a long break from the site. Hence, unless you were using the site a lot in the early era, you may not remember seeing me around.

I am a professional musician and vocal coach. Singing is my main thing, but I also play piano, guitar, drums, and accordion to a professional standard (well, almost professional on accordion, lol). I have extensive experience singing in choirs and performing in rock bands (none of those bands went anywhere, of course). I messed around with trackers and electronic music quite a bit in the 90s/early 2000s, logging a lot of hours with Impulse Tracker and especially Jeskola Buzz, but I never quite got the hang of it. I occasionally use Renoise in my other musical projects, but my DAW of choice is Logic Pro.

Prior to focusing on music, I was an AI researcher. Programming is more of a hobby for me now, but formerly I did a lot of work in C and Java (unwillingly) and I have used Haskell extensively in the past. Other languages I have some expertise in are Erlang/Elixir and Common Lisp. I did some Ruby back when it was becoming popular, but I eventually realised that Ruby, PHP, Python, Go, Swift etc are all just tired rehashes of the same flawed programming ideas that were invented in the 1980s, and as such are all basically the same (bad) language. We're stuck with them, though, so I have some proficiency by necessity.

I do not use social media and I have no social media accounts. I don't watch TV or films, nor do I watch much of anything on YouTube or other streaming sites. My consumption of video is probably close to 1 or 2 hours per month.

I speak Swedish, Japanese, some French, a little German, and some Māori. My passive understanding of French is very good, so if you are speaking French on our channels, yes, I understand what you are saying However, I can't speak French (orally) fluently anymore due to lack of practice.